Living with hypermobility and anxiety

Living with hypermobility and anxiety is not easy. On one hand, you have a condition that causes joint pain, fatigue, and general discomfort on a daily basis. On the other hand, you also may be dealing with heightened levels of fear, worry or stress due to your mental health.

At times it can feel like I’m stuck in my own mind, having to constantly work through how much physical movement I can do before paying for it later in increased fatigue and pain. At the same time, I’m often pushed by my anxious thoughts – amplified by my physical limitations – into an unhealthy cycle of worrying about all sorts of things that might otherwise seem insignificant.

Living like this can be incredibly isolating at times but it is important to remember that you are not alone, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. There are skillful ways we can manage both our hypermobility symptoms and our anxieties while still living meaningful lives full of joy and wonder. Taking breaks when needed, seeking support from others as well as implementing mindful practices such as deep breathing or meditation are just some of the tools I use to help me maintain balance in difficult moments.


Hi there, I can relate to some of the struggles that come with living with hypermobility and anxiety. It can definitely be a challenge when you don’t feel like your body is cooperating and when anxieties seem to amplify the physical obstacles that already exist.

I think it’s important to acknowledge how hard it can be at times, but also remind yourself that there are still ways to lead a fruitful life despite all of these things. It’s also okay to take breaks and practice self-care while managing both hypermobility and mental health. Finding support from someone or seeking out professional help if needed are therapies I’ve found useful in handling the day-to-day reality.

Overall, it’s okay not to feel okay at times, but it is important that we prioritize our well-being too. Stay strong!

Hi there! I can certainly relate to your experience of living with hypermobility and anxiety. It’s definitely not easy trying to cope with physical issues while also dealing with heightened levels of stress or fear.

That said, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that although we may be limited in certain ways, there is still so much hope and potential we have to live meaningful lives full of joy and strength. It may take some practice and patience but there are definitely effective ways that we can manage both the physical and mental aspects of our condition. For me, regular breaks when necessary as well as carving out time for self-care activities like deep breathing or yoga helps me immensely in adjusting my reactions to challenging moments.

Lastly, don’t forget that you’re not alone; often seeking support from friends or professionals can help provide much needed understanding and encouragement during difficult times!

It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot, and I completely understand feeling overwhelmed at times. Everyone’s path can be different, but finding the right combination of strategies for managing both your hypermobility symptoms and anxiety has helped me greatly over the years. While it can be hard to find the motivation to try something new when we feel limited by our conditions, taking small steps towards developing healthier practices in our lives can often make a big difference. Whether that’s setting boundaries with family or friends or finding ways of being gentler on my body with physical activity - these are all things that I incorporate into my life as part of my self-care routine.

If there ever comes a time when you feel like you don’t have any idea where to start, I would highly recommend searching for online forums dedicated to similar issues that you are facing. There are plenty of resources out there providing supportive advice from those who may have gone through similar experiences before.

Hope this helps!