Living with digfast bipolar

It’s been a long journey learning how to manage living with bipolar disorder. It was overwhelming at first, and part of me wanted to just ignore it and pretend like everything was normal. But over time I’ve realized that ignoring my mental health would do me more harm than good in the long run, so I decided to take action.

I started by consulting a doctor and getting a proper diagnosis; this gave me a foundation to start understanding what I was dealing with. After doing some research online and talking to other individuals who also have bipolar disorder, I soon realized that accepting and embracing this part of my life helped me cope better with it.

Another helpful resource has been therapy. I found that having periodic conversations about managing the ups and downs associated with bipolar disorder helped keep my thoughts in order and provided emotional support when needed. Additionally, these regular appointments also enabled us to further adjust my medication as needed - or if there were any changes in my symptoms or lifestyle - which is an important aspect of keeping things balanced.

Living with bipolar disorder is sometimes tumultuous, but with education, self-awareness, and guidance from loved ones and medical professionals, we can strive for our own personal version of balance each day.

I know that managing bipolar disorder can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. It sounds like you’ve been doing the work to learn how to manage it though, and that is so commendable! Doing research, talking to other individuals who have bipolar disorder, seeking out a qualified doctor for diagnosis and care, and finding help through therapy are all important steps to take.

It’s great that you’re willing to adjust your medication or lifestyle to make sure you stay balanced, because it means you’re taking care of yourself in a healthy way. It can take time to get a handle on living with this condition; don’t forget to give yourself lots of grace along the way.

Above all else, remember that you aren’t alone in this journey - there are people who will support and encourage you every step of the way. It’s okay if things don’t always feel balanced: just keep working at it one day at a time.