Living with compulsive conformity syndrome

Living with Compulsive Conformity Syndrome can feel completely overwhelming at times. I often find myself fitting in and conforming to what others are doing, even if it means following a certain style, behavior or attitude that doesn’t match my own authentic self. I dread feeling judged or rejected if I go against the grain on something so I usually resort to just following along with the crowd. It doesn’t help that society also pressures us to conform even more, making it seem like “fitting in” is the only acceptable way of being.

The truth is, this compulsive conformity leaves me feeling drained and anxious. I don’t want to be someone who just does whatever everyone else does but it feels almost impossible not to give into it sometimes. This isn’t true or genuine to who I am and yet here I am still stuck in a pattern of cycling through self-doubt and fear due to my need for acceptance from those around me.

I know that I can take steps towards breaking out of this cycle, though it can be difficult and challenging at times. Small things like standing up for myself when needed or speaking my truth can make a big difference. Learning to look outside of the box and go against what society says is expected if needed too because ultimately I’m responsible for living an authentic life and creating my own path – even if it means taking riskier leaps on occasion!