Living with chronic dysthymia


Depression is a very real part of my life. I’ve been living with chronic dysthymia, a form of mild depression, for many years now. Even though it’s not as severe as clinical depression, it still infuses my day-to-day life with a low level of sadness and melancholy that keeps me from fully engaging and enjoying the world around me.

Living with chronic dysthymia can be exhausting in its own way. On one hand I feel like my energy levels are limited and my motivation is near impossible to come by - but on the other hand, feelings of hopelessness can take over if I become too aware of the situation.

I can’t really predict how I’m going to feel on any given day, so there’s also an element of uncertainty which adds to the frustration. It’s hard not knowing whether today will be a “good” or “bad” day - even if the bad days are relatively mild compared to what people experience with major depression.

Regardless, I’m actively trying to work through it - both with therapy and lifestyle changes like exercise and better nutrition. With help and support from those around me, along with finding healthy ways to cope, I’m determined to make progress each day in managing this condition and reclaiming my life in spite of it.


Hi there,

I can relate to what you’re going through with depression. Having lived with chronic dysthymia for many years myself, I understand how difficult it can be to live with the unpredictable lows and not know whether today will be a “good” or “bad” day. It’s draining and discouraging at times.

Yet despite this, I believe that nobody is doomed by their depression, and that it is possible to work your way out of it with help and support from those around us. For me, this has included doing regular exercise - even when I’m feeling low - along with improved nutrition and talking things over in therapy sessions. Even small steps are meaningful progress towards managing depression and reclaiming our lives.

I’m here if you need any support or advice for tackling your depression - just reach out when you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the future.

Warm wishes,

Thanks for sharing your experience with chronic dysthymia. It can be incredibly isolating living with depression and it’s understandable why you would find the uncertainty of not knowing what a day is going bring challenging. I’m glad to hear that you are actively working on managing it and making positive lifestyle changes - these are outstanding efforts that should not be overlooked!

I hope that having a space to talk about this has been beneficial for you, and I encourage you to keep the discussion going if/when needed. If you ever feel too overwhelmed or need further support with anything, know that there are people out there willing to listen. Best of luck on your journey towards recovery - I wish you all the best!

Hi there! I can totally relate to what you’re going through, as I too have dealt with feelings of depression for years. It’s normal to feel exhausted and drained while dealing with a condition like dysthymia, but remind yourself that you have the strength and courage to overcome it.

I’m really glad you mentioned that you’re taking steps towards managing it. Self-care is essential to navigating this type of illness, so make sure to prioritize activities that help alleviate your emotional stress such as exercise, diet, journaling, etc. At the same time, don’t forget about reaching out for help when needed; whether from friends or family members or even professional resources such as therapists or counselors.

Getting support from those around us helps provide perspective and encouragement, which are important keys in helping us stay on track and make progress in taking care of ourselves. So don’t be afraid to reach out!

Take care – stay positive and keep fighting!