Living with an Eating Disorder

I’ve been living with an eating disorder for a long time. It consumes me in ways I often can’t comprehend and for so many years it had the power to dictate my life. The fear of food and its consequences were always on my mind, dominating my thoughts whenever I thought about it. But with time has come some degree of acceptance, although it is still a constant struggle.

I’m learning to let go of the shame that comes from having an eating disorder and learning to focus on healthy habits and mindset that will allow me to fight the obsession with food. I’m focusing on small goals that are achievable each day and over time progress is being made. It’s not easy, but every positive habit or change in thinking gives me more hope for the future.

Having an eating disorder takes a toll on your mental health too - feeling constantly anxious or angry or ashamed because of what’s going on can take its toll. But surrounding myself with support helps to lift my mood and reminds me that help is available if ever I need it — allowing me to cope a little better each day.

Living with an eating disorder isn’t easy, but day by day I make sure to keep fighting because I know deep down there’s something worth overcoming this ailment — even if it just giving myself grace at times when things seem too much!