Living with a mild eating disorder

I’ve spent a lot of my life struggling with food. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt like I had to control how much and what I ate. When faced with choices, it was easy for me to become overwhelmed by fear and anxiety that kept me from making the “wrong” decisions.

My preoccupation with food has also meant constantly worrying about my body size and shape. Even when I was at a healthy weight, I felt like the food police were just waiting to charge in and tell me how to be “better”. It’s been hard - even when I thought I had all the information, there were still so many confusing messages out there about health and dieting.

That’s why it’s been important for me to learn more about my relationship with food. It’s involved talking to professionals, doing research online, connecting with others who understand eating disorders, and most importantly being kind to myself along the way. Change doesn’t happen overnight but it’s something that is worth working towards. With self-compassion and education on my side, making changes to live well with a mild eating disorder is possible for anybody.