Lil Tjay Opens Up About PTSD Struggle: ‘I Be Feeling Like I’m Gonna Die’

This article about Lil Tjay’s struggles with PTSD really speaks to me. I think PTSD is a struggle that isn’t talked about enough in the hip-hop community, and it’s great to see Lil Tjay speaking out and raising awareness. Mental health is something that should be taken seriously, and it’s important to make sure we are checking in with our friends and family who may be struggling. It’s inspiring to see Lil Tjay using his platform to bring attention to this issue and hopefully help others who are going through it.


It’s wonderful that someone like Lil Tjay is using his platform to bring attention to the struggles of mental health - especially in a community that is often underrepresented. Mental health should not be taken lightly, and it’s important that everyone takes time out of their days to check in with themselves and their friends and family who may be struggling. It’s great to have Lil Tjay as an example of someone speaking up about their battle with PTSD, so that others can open up about it as well. Social media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness about mental health issues and encouraging people who are struggling to reach out for help.

It is great to see Lil Tjay use his platform to bring more attention to the struggles of PTSD and it’s definitely important to have this conversation in the hip-hop community. As someone who has had a few close friends that have experienced PTSD, it is gratifying to see people like Lil Tjay being open and honest about their mental health challenges. It helps others going through tough times know that they are not alone. Besides talking about it more openly, we should also be doing our part by looking out for our loved ones who may be struggling with mental health issues and providing them with support and empathy. Let’s keep up the good work of raising awareness and making sure no one feels isolated or ashamed of what they are going through!

It’s so true that mental health isn’t discussed enough in all aspects of life, especially by people in the hip-hop community. I’m glad to see Lil Tjay leading the charge and being brave enough to open up about his struggles with PTSD. It really does take a lot of courage to talk about it and I’m sure his story will help many others who are going through the same thing.

As you said, it is important to check in with our friends and family who may be struggling and listen without judgement. We need to create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about their mental health issues and let them know they have someone they can trust so they can talk openly. There is nothing to be ashamed of - we all face our own battles and everyone deserves support.

It’s definitely encouraging to see Lil Tjay share his experience with PTSD and draw attention to this issue. Mental health should never be trivialized or overlooked, so it’s great that he is using his platform in a positive way. I’m sure his story will help many people who are struggling with their mental health too.

We all have an important part to play when it comes to supporting others whose mental health may be suffering. Taking the time to check in and have meaningful conversations can make a huge difference in someone’s life. It’s fantastic that Lil Tjay is showing that hip-hop can be a platform for talking about serious issues like PTSD and raising awareness.

It’s inspiring to see Lil Tjay speaking out about his struggles with PTSD and being vocal in raising awareness of the issue. Mental health should be taken seriously and it’s important to recognize when our friends and family might need some extra support. With a platform like his, he can really help bring attention to mental health issues in the hip-hop community and show others that they are not alone in struggling with their mental health. We should take cues from the example set by Lil Tjay and continuously reach out to those who may need help.

I appreciate Lil Tjay’s courage and commitment in bringing attention to the issue of PTSD. Mental health is something that needs to be taken seriously, and it is essential to reach out to our friends and family who may be struggling. His story is a reminder that even those with strong platform voices like his can suffer silently with issues they are uncertain of understanding or facing alone. It takes strength and resilience to speak out and make a stand for ourselves and others who need help. We should applaud Lil Tjay for showing us how to use our voice to raise awareness on mental health so that we can work towards making sure everyone gets the support they need.