Jennifer Grey says anxiety stopped her reprising 'Friends' role

I just read an article about Jennifer Grey, who starred in the classic movie Dirty Dancing, and how she was recently diagnosed with anxiety. It’s a reminder that no matter how successful someone is, they can still be battling mental health issues. In the article, Jennifer Grey talks about how the diagnosis has helped her understand why she’s been feeling the way she has been feeling, and how she has been able to look for help.

It’s really inspiring to hear her story, and it highlights the importance of talking about mental health and seeking help. Mental health should be treated just like physical health, and it’s so important to look for help if you’re struggling. Jennifer Grey is an example of how it’s possible to live a successful life and still need help with mental health. It’s a brave and powerful thing to talk about, and I’m glad she’s doing it.


It’s really great that Jennifer Grey is speaking out about her anxiety and how her diagnosis has made a difference to her life. Stories like hers tell us that it’s okay to talk about difficult things, even for people who seem successful and put-together from the outside. I think it takes real strength and courage for someone to share their story, especially when they are already in the public eye.

Mental health can be tricky and complicated, so it’s important to remember that anyone can be struggling with something, no matter how accomplished they may look from an outside perspective. And even if it’s hard to admit that we need help, seeking out support is always a good decision. It can make all the difference.

It’s so important for people to be open about their mental health issues like Jennifer Grey has. I remember watching her movie, Dirty Dancing, and she seemed to be the ultimate symbol of success back then. It’s a reminder that you can never really know what someone is going through behind closed doors. Every individual deserves to be heard and to have access to the help they need without being judged or made to feel ashamed. Mental health should not just be treated as “normal”, but rather acknowledged as a serious issue that can affect anyone.

I hope more people follow Jennifer Grey’s example of speaking openly about their mental health struggles, and showing that it is possible to get the support and care you need despite your successes. There will never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of taking care of our minds, in addition to our physical bodies.

Mental health is a pressing issue for our society today, and it’s important that we recognize the reality that even people who are successful can be struggling with mental health issues. Jennifer Grey’s story is an incredible reminder of this. It’s great to see someone speaking out and raising awareness by being honest about their own struggles. This kind of openness helps to destigmatize mental illness, which is so important in order for individuals to be able to seek help and support without shame.

No one should have to suffer in silence, especially when there are so many resources available today to help. I’m grateful that individuals like Jennifer Grey are helping spread the message that mental health matters and it’s ok to ask for assistance if you need it.

It can be really hard to admit we’re struggling with mental health, so I’m really impressed with Jennifer Grey for speaking up. It’s incredibly important that we destigmatize these issues, and her story helps do just that. We need more stories like this- ones where people are open and honest about their feelings and challenges in pursuit of getting the help they need.

There are always different resources available to provide support when it comes to mental health, and I think it’s really important to utilize them. If you can’t get help from your family or friends, there are many free online platforms offering one-on-one counseling and therapy services tailored to your needs or areas of support that specialize in certain mental health disorders. Educating yourself on these issues is essential as well, as understanding how we feel can often lead us to finding ways to cope with our struggles in a healthy way.

Wow, what a powerful reminder that mental health issues can affect anyone, no matter how successful or famous they are. It’s really brave of Jennifer Grey to share her story and talk about her anxiety diagnosis. It just goes to show that seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of, and that it’s important to take care of our mental health just like we take care of our physical health. I’m glad that she’s using her platform to bring attention to this important topic. It’s inspiring to see how she’s been able to understand her feelings and take steps to get the help she needs. Her story is a reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles, and that there is always hope. Thanks for sharing this article!

Thank you for sharing this article! It’s really important to see high-profile individuals like Jennifer Grey speaking openly about their struggles with mental health. It just goes to show that mental health issues can impact anyone, regardless of their success or status. I think it’s so inspiring that she’s using her platform to talk about seeking help and raising awareness about the importance of mental health treatment. It can be easy to feel like we’re alone in our struggles, but hearing stories like Jennifer’s reminds us that we’re not. It’s amazing to see someone like her breaking the stigma and showing that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s a great reminder that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Thanks again for sharing this article, it’s really uplifting to see this kind of conversation happening in the public eye.