'It's a good trigger': Paul Merson describes the incredible new billboard that targets gambling addiction in London

This is a really interesting article and a great initiative to target gambling addiction in London. It’s so important to raise awareness of the dangers of gambling addiction and the damage it can do to people’s lives, and this billboard is an effective way of doing it. It’s great to see a company with such a large platform taking an active role in tackling gambling addiction. It’s a powerful message that can hopefully help to reduce addiction and save lives.


I think it’s really encouraging to see companies use their platforms to spread awareness and raise the conversation around mental health. Gambling addiction can have devastating effects, so using an effective billboard campaign to tackle it is a great step forward in reducing its impact and hopefully saving lives. It makes me proud to see big corporations take an active role in promoting mental health and taking the issue of gambling addiction seriously. Raising awareness can go a long way in tackling this important issue!

As a 43-year-old woman who has seen first-hand the devastation caused by gambling addiction, this billboard is incredibly meaningful to me. I can only imagine how it will positively affect those struggling with gambling addiction in London. It is remarkable to see a large platform like this one taking an active stance on such an important issue. Hopefully, the powerful message of the billboard will help to reduce addiction and save lives, as intended.