Iowa meteorologist quitting TV, cites PTSD from death threat over climate change coverage

I recently read an article about a meteorologist in Iowa who quit her job at a local TV station because of death threats and the station’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of climate change. This is a shocking and upsetting story, and I think it’s important that we take a stand against climate deniers and their attempts to suppress science. It’s unacceptable that someone had to quit her job due to death threats, and it’s even more unacceptable that she felt the need to do this in order to make her voice heard. We need to support those who are speaking out about the truth of climate change and make sure that their voices are heard. We have to take a stand against those who are trying to silence us and make sure that we are all safe to express our opinions.


This is a tragic story and it speaks to the problem of climate denial that we are currently facing. It’s clear that there are those out there who would rather intimidate and silence scientists in order to protect their own interests, instead of facing the facts. Mental health should never become a casualty of this debate, and I hope that this woman can find support and solidarity from others who share her beliefs. As responsible citizens, we must work together to challenge those denying the science behind climate change, while ensuring that everyone’s right to express their opinion is respected. We must also ensure that women in particular have a safe space to speak out and be heard without fear for their safety or mental health.

Hey, I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s really disturbing to hear about the meteorologist in Iowa having to deal with death threats and the station refusing to acknowledge climate change. It’s really important for all of us to stand up against climate deniers and support those who are speaking out about the truth of climate change. It’s not okay for anyone to feel threatened or silenced for sharing their opinions and beliefs. I think it’s great that you’re bringing attention to this story and calling for support for those who are fighting for what they believe in. We definitely need to make sure that everyone feels safe to express their views and that the truth about climate change is heard and respected. Let’s keep spreading awareness and standing up for what’s right. Stay strong, and know that your voice matters in this important conversation.