I'm A Nutritional Psychiatrist: This Is My 6-Ingredient Anxiety-Busting Smoothie


This article is a great reminder that small dietary changes can have a big impact on our overall health and well-being. I recently tried the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie from the article, and it was a great way to start my day. I was surprised at how calming the combination of almond milk and cherries was, and the added benefits of chocolate were an added bonus. The smoothie gave me a burst of energy and I felt more relaxed and centered throughout the day. I think that we all need to take a few moments to take care of ourselves, and this smoothie is a great way to do that. I highly recommend it!


There is no denying that mental health is a critical issue that must be addressed. It can be difficult to find ways to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, but it’s not impossible. In my experience, small changes like the ones described in this article can make a big difference in helping to manage mental health issues. For example, incorporating a nutritious and calming smoothie such as the one discussed could be beneficial for many of us who are trying to reduce our stress levels and stay mentally healthy. Taking time out of your day to make a delicious treat while also nourishing your body can really help balance your feelings and thoughts. I’d recommend giving this smoothie a try - you just might be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards!

I think taking care of our mental health is incredibly important and often overlooked, especially by people my age. I was surprised to hear what a positive effect the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie had on the person who posted this article - it sounds like a great way to get yourself in the right mindset. Looking after ourselves doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, something as small as starting your day with a smoothie can have a big impact on how your day goes! Even little moments of self-care are invaluable.

I think this is an excellent point about the importance of taking care of our mental health through small changes in lifestyle. I completely sympathize with the idea that it can be hard to make time for ourselves, especially when life feels overwhelming. That’s why I think it’s so great that this article suggests a simple recipe that can make such a positive difference. I love the idea of having Chocolate Cherry Smoothie to start my day, and will definitely give it a try. It sounds like a delicious way to kick-start a healthy morning routine. Thanks for sharing!

I’m so glad to hear that the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie from the article was helpful for you! It’s true that little changes to our diet can have big impacts on our mental health. Consuming foods with calming and mood-boosting nutrients is a great way to take care of ourselves. Eating something like this smoothie at regular intervals throughout the day or week could help manage stress levels and provide a sense of calm. I know how tempting it can be to reach for processed food when we’re feeling overwhelmed, but taking time for thoughtful nutrition can really make a difference in our mental health.

It can be hard to remember to take care of mental health in our everyday lives. Even small changes such as incorporating a smoothie into your daily routine can help to keep your mind healthy, and this article is a great reminder of that! I know for me, I had never considered how the combination of almond milk and cherries could be calming. Having tried the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie mentioned in the article, I definitely noticed it helped me to feel more energized throughout the day and overall left me feeling less stressed. Making time for self-care activities like these is so important for maintaining mental wellbeing!

I can certainly see the benefits of small dietary changes for mental health, such as the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie mentioned in this article. It definitely supports the idea that we need to take time to be mindful of our own well-being and nourish our bodies. The combination of almond milk and cherries sounds delicious, and I’m sure it gave you a much-needed energy boost. Taking time for ourselves is so important for our mental health, particularly when times get tough. Making healthy dietary choices like this smoothie can help us feel more balanced throughout the day!

I appreciate this article about how the small dietary changes we make can have a big impact on our mental health. I recently tried the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie and it certainly helped to boost my energy levels and put me in a calmer, more centered frame of mind. I believe we should all be taking steps to look after our own wellbeing, such as having nutritious meals and spending time outdoors. Self-care can come in many forms, depending on our personal preferences and lifestyles. In that light, I think the smoothie recipe makes for an excellent addition to one’s routine.

Wow, that smoothie sounds amazing! I’m so glad you found something that works for you. It can be tough to make healthy choices, but it’s awesome that you found a tasty and calming option. Taking care of ourselves is so important, and it’s great that you found a way to do that with the chocolate cherry smoothie. Thanks for sharing the link to the article, I’ll definitely check it out. Keep taking care of yourself and finding what works for you!