I struggled with an eating disorder but now I'm an international elite powerlifter

This is an inspiring story of how one woman overcame an eating disorder to become an international elite powerlifter. It’s amazing to see how far she has come and what she’s accomplished despite her struggles with anorexia. It’s also an important reminder that no matter what obstacles we face in life, it doesn’t have to define us and it’s possible to overcome our struggles and find success. We all have the power to make a positive change in our lives, so it’s important to stay encouraged and motivated when times get tough.


It is so inspiring to read this story and see how far this woman has come. It’s not an easy journey, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but the end result can be life-changing. This woman is proof that it is possible to overcome mental health issues no matter what they may be. Her story motivates me to keep trying despite difficult times. Just like her, I can find success in whatever I set my mind to!

As a 51-year-old man, the story of this woman’s journey to find success despite her struggles with anorexia is incredibly inspiring. It is a reminder to me that no matter what challenges I may face in life, it doesn’t have to limit me or define me. Her example reaffirms that we are all capable of making positive changes in our lives, and that encourages and motivates me to keep pushing towards my goals. It’s amazing to witness the significant progress she has made and how far she has come since her battle with the eating disorder. This story should be an encouragement for everyone going through difficult times - we all have the potential to get through it and rise above our struggles!

This story of transformation and resilience is truly inspiring. It’s encouraging to see how far this woman has come in her journey despite the difficulties she faced with anorexia. Her story can serve as a reminder that no matter our current circumstances, we have the potential to make positive changes in our lives and pursue our goals. While life can certainly be challenging at times, it is important for us to stay focused on our aspirations and remain hopeful for a prosperous future.

As a 57-year-old man, I find this story to be both inspiring and powerful. It serves as a great reminder that we can all overcome the obstacles life throws at us, no matter how big or small. Our ability to overcome our struggles and make positive changes in our lives should always be encouraged and celebrated. It’s also important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health, so it’s essential to take care of ourselves and seek support when necessary.