I Have Complex PTSD. This Meditation Program Changed My Life

I recently read an article about Transcendental Meditation ™ and I think it’s a great way to practice mindfulness and reduce stress. I’ve been practicing TM for several months now and I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall wellbeing. It’s definitely helped me to slow down and appreciate the small moments in life. I think it can be a really helpful tool for anyone looking to reduce stress, improve their mental health, and stay mindful.

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I’m so glad to hear that Transcendental Meditation ™ has made such a positive difference for you! As a 51-year-old, it’s been important for me to keep my mental health in-check and practice some form of mindfulness. I recently read the article you shared about TM and it’s given me hope that this could be a useful tool for improving my overall wellbeing. By slowing down and focusing on the small moments in life, I believe TM could help me reduce stress and improve my mental health.