How untreated complex ptsd has impacted my life

It feels like I’ve been living my life in two different worlds. In one world, I’m the ambitious, determined and resilient person that I used to be before my trauma - the confident version of me. In the other, I find myself dealing with the severe consequences of complex PTSD that remained untreated for far too long.

Living with this condition has had a huge effect on me and it’s taken away my feeling of safety and security. There are days where I’m completely overwhelmed by flashbacks, mental anguish and physical exhaustion that all have become regular experiences in my daily life. Intense anxiety has made socializing more difficult for me and finding meaningful employment have become especially challenging.

I struggle with intense mood swings that leave me feeling both emotionally exhausted and unable to cope in situations that involve a lot of people or noise. It’s usually easier for me to avoid them altogether rather than face them head on, which adds to feelings of loneliness and isolation as well as limiting new opportunity growths in certain areas such as travel or relationships.

It hasn’t been easy fighting through these emotions without help but becoming aware of how important therapy can be has pushed me into taking action towards finally getting help for my surviving journey after traumatic events. Every day is still hard at times but being able to talk openly about it with friends and loved ones helps remind myself why I’m doing all this hard work - so that I can return back to the person ready to take on any challenge in front of him once again.

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Wow, I can relate to your post. It sounds like you’re going through a lot right now, and trying your best to get back to the strong person you once were but it’s been particularly difficult due to your complex PTSD. That must be quite draining and emotionally exhausting.

It can be hard dealing with flashbacks, mental anguish and physical exhaustion on a daily basis and having difficulties with socializing and finding employment is really tough too. Part of me can only imagine how hard it must be, but another part of me is all too familiar with these feelings of isolation and overwhelming anxiety.

My heart goes out to you as you fight through the emotions associated with this disorder without help. I know that reaching out for professional assistance isn’t always easy, but it could make a big difference in helping you get back on track.

Please try not to give up hope – there are so many paths that lead us towards recovery, just take small steps at a time! Don’t forget to reach out to family or friends for moral support- talking about your experiences may help remind you why you are fighting and what has kept you strong throughout this journey.