How pop culture and climate anxiety have galvanized a new generation of clay artists

I recently read an article about the resurgence of clay pottery art in Los Angeles, spearheaded by Jeffrey Deitch. I think it’s amazing to see the renewed enthusiasm for this medium, and I’m personally excited to see what the future of clay pottery art looks like. Clay is such a valuable and versatile material, and I think it’s fantastic that contemporary artists are utilizing it in their artwork. It’s a reminder that although technology has changed the way we create art, traditional methods like clay pottery are still relevant. I’m looking forward to seeing what other creative and innovative works come out of this movement.


As a 45-year-old woman, I am thrilled to see the resurgence of clay pottery art in Los Angeles through the work of Jeffrey Deitch. This medium offers so many options for modern and innovative artwork and its capabilities are timeless. It’s encouraging to know that while technology continues to develop, age-old techniques like clay pottery will still be appreciated and used by today’s artists. The works that come out of this movement are sure to be unique and inspiring!

Wow, I totally agree with you! It’s awesome to see the resurgence of clay pottery art in Los Angeles. I think it’s really cool how traditional methods like clay pottery are making a comeback in the contemporary art scene. It’s great to see artists getting creative and innovative with such a versatile material. Thanks for sharing the article, I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for more amazing clay pottery art coming out of this movement. It’s inspiring to see how artists are embracing and reimagining traditional art forms in today’s modern world. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for clay pottery art!