How Anxiety Could Help You Perform Better

I recently read an article about how anxiety can actually be beneficial to performance in certain situations. I was really surprised by this news. I always thought that anxiety could be a hindrance to performance. But it turns out that, in the right circumstances, anxiety can actually help. The article discusses how anxiety can help us to focus on what we need to do and to think more creatively about solutions to problems. It also talks about how it can help us to prepare better for upcoming tasks.

Personally, I think this is really interesting. I know from my own experience that anxiety can make it hard to focus and to perform well. But I’m glad to know that it can also be beneficial in some situations. It’s nice to know that anxiety can be something positive that we can use to our advantage.


I’m really intrigued by the ideas in this article. It’s certainly a different way of looking at anxiety, and it’s great to think that it can be used to boost performance. From my own experience, I know how hard it can be dealing with the negative effects of anxiety. But this article reminds me that in the right circumstances, I can use my anxiety as a tool to help me stay focused and creative! I’m so glad to have found this resource.

I can definitely relate to the idea that anxiety can be both a hindrance and an advantage at the same time. As a 26-year-old, I have had my share of overwhelming experiences where anxiety was disabling in terms of performance. At the same time, I’ve also gone through moments where anxiety was motivating and pushed me to succeed. The article’s point that anxiety could actually help us focus and think more creatively makes sense to me.

It’s encouraging to know that in some circumstances, controlled levels of anxiety can help improve performance rather than hinder it. This news has definitely made me rethink how I would tackle stressful situations going forward.