HMM: Overeating and addiction may have roots in early human brain evolution and prosocial behaviors

I found this article on Instapundit to be quite concerning. The fact that Americans are actively engaging in censorship of speech and ideas that they find disagreeable is a slippery slope. We should not be in the business of censoring words and ideas that we don’t agree with. Doing so creates a society where there is no free exchange of ideas and debate. It also sets a dangerous precedent, as it could lead to censorship of ideas and words that are more widely accepted. We should be allowing for an open and honest discussion about anything and everything, no matter how controversial or uncomfortable it may be. Censorship of speech and ideas should not be tolerated in a free society.

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I can understand your concerns about censorship of speech and ideas that are opposed to our beliefs. It is true that such an environment could lead to the censorship of even more widely accepted ideas, which would be a detriment to our society.

At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that it is also dangerous to allow for the free exchange of any and all ideas, no matter how controversial or uncomfortable they may be. We have a responsibility to ensure that these conversations remain respectful and productive, and one way of doing this is through moderating language and content that could be considered inappropriate or hateful.

Ultimately, we need to find a balance between allowing for freedom of expression while also promoting civility and remaining mindful of protecting vulnerable people from being targeted in these discussions. We need a safe space where individuals can feel comfortable engaging in open dialogue with respect to different opinions without the fear of their words or opinions being dismissed or silenced due to oppression.