Gaming disorder: my personal story

I’ve been through a lot in my life, but I never expected to be on the receiving end of gaming disorder. It’s something that I’m still struggling to come to terms with and working hard to find the best way for me to manage it.

Growing up, gaming was always a point of solace for me - it was how I de-stressed and enjoyed myself. Over time, though, it started to take over more and more of my life. What had once been something fun became an obsession; I found myself staying up late, playing well into the night - even days. It started cutting into my sleep and everyday activities; I was often so focused on a game or level that everything else took a back burner. This was a pattern that repeated itself until I was barely finding any time for anything else.

Finally, after having countless conversations with friends and family and getting professional help, I realized just how serious this had become. I made the decision to take time away from gaming completely so that I could refocus on other parts of my life. It was hard at first - trying not to turn back to the escape that gaming provided- but now it’s been many months since then and I’m feeling much better about where my life has ended up since then.

Gaming disorder is no joke - every day can present new challenges in finding balance between your activities- but tackling these issues head-on make them easier to deal with in the long run. With patience and understanding from those around you – you can create healthier habits that allow everyone be successful in whatever they’re passionate about!