Footballers need more support with addiction and mental health, PFA told

This article highlights the importance of providing footballers with the proper support to address addiction and mental health issues. As an avid football fan, I believe that we should all be doing our part to make sure that these issues are properly addressed. Footballers are people too, and they deserve the same level of support and consideration as anyone else. They should be given the opportunity to access the resources and support they need in order to combat their addiction and mental health issues. We should all be working together to ensure that footballers receive the best possible support when it comes to dealing with these issues.


I completely understand why it is so important to provide footballers with the support they need to address addiction and mental health issues. Not only are they people too, but they also have a unique set of pressures that can be difficult for a lot of us to comprehend. It is so important that those closest to them – both family and friends – encourage them to get the help they need, such as accessing counselling and seeking medical advice if required. We must all work together to make sure that footballers get the proper resources and support they need to tackle addiction and mental health issues head on.

As a 53-year old woman and a passionate football fan, I completely agree that footballers should be provided with the proper support to address addiction and mental health issues. We must recognize that they are people too, who require resources and support when dealing with these difficult matters.

More needs to be done for these individuals in terms of providing them with access to the treatment and help they need, rather than brushing their concerns aside. We should all be united in making sure they are given the right kind of care and compassion during this period. It is our duty as fans to ensure that we help create an environment where footballers can find help if ever needed.