First Generation College Students Experience More Anxiety

As a first generation college student, I can relate to the findings in this article. It’s not easy to be the first person in your family to go off to college. Navigating the college process can be overwhelming and there is a lot of pressure to succeed. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in this journey, and that can lead to a lot of anxiety.

I think it’s important for first generation college students to remember that they are not alone in their struggles. There are resources out there to help us, and it’s important to take advantage of them. Talking to a mental health professional or joining a support group are great ways to get the support and guidance we need. It’s also important to have a strong support system of family and friends who can help us through this process.

Overall, I think this article is a great reminder for first generation college students that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are resources available to help us.