Feeling down: my mental health story

Lately, I’ve been feeling really down and having a hard time putting on a positive face. I’m not sure if it’s depression or something else, but I’m struggling and could use some support.

I find myself staying at home more often than I used to, avoiding social situations that I normally enjoy and feeling unmotivated when it comes to my job, hobbies, and passions. My productivity has decreased significantly and it feels like an uphill battle to get anything done, which is making me really frustrated with myself.

It’s caused me to be hard on myself because of the struggles that come with overcoming anxiety and fear - especially when my mind is in such a negative place. I try to stay optimistic about what the future holds but it’s all too easy for my thoughts to take a dark turn.

I feel incredibly alone in these moments of despair, but part of me knows that I’m not alone. Everyone has something they are trying to cope with and confront in their own ways - for some people it may be different issues that we’re facing, but the feelings of loneliness remain the same. Reaching out for help can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re unsure who you can trust or where you can go for help.

That said, there is always light at the end of the tunnel so if you’re struggling like I am right now don’t give up; reach out if you need to talk or take some time off from stressors in your life. There are resources available that can provide assistance so please don’t be afraid to look into them!