Exploring my sleep eating disorder

I’ve had a strange relationship with sleep for the longest time. It seems like every night I wake up feeling groggy and drained, no matter how many hours I lay in bed for. One thing that’s been particularly troubling has been my sleep eating disorder. Some nights I have absolutely no recollection of it, then other nights, I can clearly remember what foods were consumed.

It started out small at first – just the occasional snack here and there. Now that I’m more aware of this problem, it’s like my body has gone into hyper-drive to make up for lost time! It can be disturbing to wake up in the morning and find new packages strewn around my bedroom or wrappers lying under my pillow.

I’m working on getting a better handle of this issue before it gets out of hand. Making a conscious effort to wind down earlier in the evenings is helping me feel more connected to my own body rhythms and prepping me for better restful nights ahead.

Sleep should be something nourishing not something destructive, so if you also struggle with similar issues please don’t hesitate to reach out for help - you are not alone!