Ex-Marine calls for action after GOP rep grills VA official on 'faith-based' PTSD partnerships - Fox News

This article about Marin County’s call for action against the Gropus vs. Official Faith-Based Mental Health Services is very encouraging. It is a step in the right direction towards addressing the systemic problem of unequal access to mental health services, especially for those from marginalized communities. This initiative is an example of how local governments can take the lead on issues like this and make a positive difference. It will be interesting to see how this initiative will play out and if other counties will follow suit. This is an important step towards providing all citizens with the mental health services they need, regardless of their faith or background.


I’m glad to see that Marin County is taking the time and effort to address the issue of unequal access to mental health services. It certainly does demonstrate how local governments can have a major impact on improving access to these much needed resources. Now, it remains to be seen if other counties will follow suit as this initiative rolls out its plans. But, if it is successful, I believe it will lead to much needed support for all citizens, regardless of their background or faith.

It is heartening to see the action taken by Marin County to address the unequal access to mental health services. This will help make sure that everyone, irrespective of their faith or background, is provided with quality mental health care. It is critical for local governments to take a leading role on such issues in order for significant progress to be made. Hopefully, this endeavor will be successful and other areas will follow suit in providing equitable access to mental health services.