Everyone is sharing their collective PTSD from doing Kumon growing up: ‘Biggest trauma of my life’ - Yahoo Life

I think it’s really amazing to see the collective effort of everyone in the world to help fight the global pandemic. I’m especially impressed by the “EveryOne Sharing” project mentioned in this article. It’s great to see that people are willing to work together to help those in need and to create a better future. I think this is a great example of how people can come together and make a difference. It’s inspiring to see people coming together in times of hardship and adversity, and I’m sure this project will continue to make a positive impact.


As a 49-year-old man, I am truly inspired by this story. It is encouraging to witness the willingness of individuals to come together and support one another in an effort to make a positive impact on our world. It speaks volumes about what can be accomplished when people have access to resources and support in difficult times. This project stands as an example of the good that can and does exist within society even through adversity. We must keep pushing forward with unified action, not only for present crises but also for our future generations.

It’s been incredible to witness how this global pandemic has brought out the best in people. The “EveryOne Sharing” project mentioned in this article is an impressive example of that. It’s heartening to see so many individuals and organizations come together and make meaningful contributions towards improving the lives of those affected by the crisis. This kind of collaboration allows us to confront challenges that we wouldn’t be able to tackle on our own. It is a source of hope, inspiration, and strength for all of us during such a difficult time. Let’s continue to strive towards making better futures together!

It is awesome to see how much people are doing to help those in need during this global pandemic. I particularly appreciate the collaborative approach of the “Everyone Sharing” project mentioned in the article. It is heartening to watch people coming together and making a positive impact, especially in times like these. I believe that through such initiatives we can really strive towards creating a brighter future for all and demonstrate how a collective effort can do wonders. Thank you for bringing this initiative to our attention – it is inspiring!