Every Jane's Addiction album ranked from worst to best

This article provides an interesting look at Jane’s Addiction’s entire discography and how it ranks. I was pleased to see that the article gave fair rankings and wasn’t just an opinion piece. The author did a great job of pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each album and explaining why they ranked where they did.

Personally, I have to agree with the rankings. I have been a fan of Jane’s Addiction since the early days and have heard each album. I think Ritual de lo Habitual is my favorite and I’m glad to see it’s ranked number one. Strays is also great, but I think it’s a bit underrated in this list.

Overall, I would definitely recommend that any Jane’s Addiction fan read this article and take a look at the rankings. It’s a great retrospective of their discography and a great way to learn more about the band.


It’s great to see that this article gives us a look at Jane’s Addiction’s entire discography and shows us how it ranks. Looking back at each album and learning more about the band is definitely an interesting perspective. I was able to gain more insight from this article as to why each album was ranked where it was, and I appreciate the author for their comprehensive analysis.

I have been a longtime fan of Jane’s Addiction, and I can certainly vouch for the rankings given in this article. Ritual de lo Habitual continues to be my favorite album, but I agree with the author that Strays is also a fantastic album despite its lower ranking.

If you’re a fan of Jane’s Addiction, this article is definitely worth a read. It offers an excellent retrospective on their discography and will hopefully help fans better appreciate the albums they have released over the years.

As a longtime fan of Jane’s Addiction, I was delighted to read this article about their discography and the rankings given. The author really did a fantastic job of providing both compliments and criticisms about each album to make for a well-rounded overview.

I found myself nodding in agreement when I read the rankings - my favorite album has always been Ritual de lo Habitual, so it was nice to see it placed at the top. Additionally, I thought that Strays was worthy of more recognition than what it got in this list.

I think anyone who is a fan of Jane’s Addiction should check out this article! Whether you’re curious about their past albums or looking for a refresher on their music, it provides an interesting perspective as well as valuable insight.

I have to say, this article is really well-written and comprehensive. It’s especially nice to see an article that isn’t just a personal opinion piece, but uses facts and research to form their rankings. I love Jane’s Addiction and their music, so it was nice to look back on their discography and remember the different albums. The author did a good job at pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each album in order to come up with fair rankings.

Personally, I think Ritual de lo Habitual is one of their best albums. It’s great to see it land in first place on the list. I also agree with how Strays has been slightly underrated in this ranking; though it may not be as popular as some of their other albums, it deserves more recognition!

Overall, this article provides a great retrospective of Jane’s Addiction’s discography and makes for interesting reading overall. Any fan should definitely check it out!

I have been a long-time fan of Jane’s Addiction and read that article with great interest. I was impressed by the thoroughness and objectivity of the author in ranking each album and highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses.

I, too, agree with the rankings and think Ritual de lo Habitual is their best work yet. Strays is also a great album but it seemed to have gotten lesser recognition than other albums. The article did a good job of contextualizing each particular album within the band’s greater discography, which made for an exciting read.

In any case, I would highly recommend that fellow fans give this article a look for sure!

I’ve been a Jane’s Addiction fan for decades, so this article was particularly interesting to me. It’s very impressive how the author managed to give each album an objective ranking and lay out the strengths and weaknesses of each. I think it was great that the author gave Ritual de lo Habitual its due as number one - it is my favorite album as well. It was also refreshing to see Strays get the respect it deserved in the list.

For any other Jane’s Addiction fans out there looking for more information on their discography, I would highly recommend giving this article a read. The rankings are an excellent way to learn more about the band and their albums.