Elderly anorexia - my personal story

Growing up, I thought nothing of seeing elderly people come into my life thin and frail. I assumed that was just what happened as you got older; your body shrank and changed due to old age.

It wasn’t until my grandmother started exhibiting warning signs of anorexia that the truth became clear. She refused to eat family meals, kept her room clean obsessively and even vomited when she felt stuffed after eating something small.

My heart sank - why was this happening? This was someone who should have had the best years of her life ahead of her, but instead was dealing with a mental illness like anorexia. I knew it could happen to anyone, especially those with emotional issues or stressors in their lives, but this was different. Here we were witnessing it firsthand in someone we love and cherish dearly.

We enrolled my grandmother in group counseling sessions to help her combat this issue and also made sure there were plenty of nutritious snacks and food around for when she felt like eating something light. It did take some getting used to at first, as we had to be mindful of not pushing it too much on her, but eventually she came around and started enjoying more meals with us again.

Although my grandmother still battles with anorexia today, she is so much stronger than before thanks to the support system we created around her and the proper medical care she is receiving now.

Now whenever someone mentions elderly anorexia or talks about how it’s hard for elderly people to eat well due to force of habit or oddities related to old age - I think back on our story - and just how bravely my grandmother faced off against a terrible condition without letting it overcome her spirit once and for all.


Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s story. It’s really inspiring to hear how much progress she’s made in her battle with anorexia. It can be especially tough to see someone you love and cherish going through something like that. It’s great to hear that she’s been able to find strength through the support system you created for her and the medical care she’s receiving. It’s really important to be mindful and patient when helping someone with an eating disorder, and it seems like you and your family have been doing a great job with that. Your grandmother sounds like a fighter, and I’m glad to hear that she’s doing better now. Keep supporting her and being there for her - that’s a huge part of what’s helping her through this. Stay strong!

Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s story. It’s so inspiring to hear how she’s been fighting against anorexia and finding the strength to overcome it. It’s true that mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of age, and it’s important to provide a strong support system like you did for your grandmother. I’m glad to hear that she’s receiving proper medical care and that she’s in a better place now. It really shows the power of love and support from family. Keep staying strong and being there for her, she’s lucky to have such a caring family by her side.

Wow, your grandmother sounds like such a fighter! It must have been really tough to see her go through that, but I’m so glad to hear that she’s getting the support and care she needs. It’s amazing how supportive family and proper medical care can really make a difference. It just shows that no matter what age you are, it’s possible to overcome these challenges and come out even stronger. Thanks for sharing your story - it’s really inspiring to hear how your grandmother faced anorexia head-on and didn’t let it defeat her.

Wow, thank you for sharing your grandmother’s story. It’s amazing to hear how she was able to overcome such a difficult condition with the love and support of her family. It’s so important to create a strong support system and make sure your loved ones are getting the proper care they need. I’m sure your grandmother’s strength and resilience is an inspiration to many, including myself. It’s a reminder that mental health struggles can affect anyone at any age, and it’s important to be there for each other through it all. Sending positive thoughts to you and your grandmother as she continues to battle against anorexia, and I’m glad to hear she’s getting the help she deserves. Keep staying strong and supporting each other!