Eating-disorder patients to confront Meta bosses as research links TikTok to harmful videos

This article discussing eating disorder patients in Australia confronting the meta bosses at Parliament is a great example of the power of advocacy. It is so inspiring to see these people standing up for their rights and speaking out against the current system. I think it is important to recognize the bravery of these individuals and to also recognize the need for greater support for people with eating disorders in this country. It’s shocking that the current system has not been addressing the needs of individuals with eating disorders as well as it should. We need to recognize the importance of mental health and provide adequate support to those in need. We must also recognize that eating disorders are complex illnesses and require specialized care that is tailored to the individual. I applaud these individuals for fighting for their rights and for the rights of other individuals with eating disorders. I hope that the meta bosses at Parliament take note of their advocacy and make the necessary changes to support those struggling with eating disorders.