Dutton says he likely experienced PTSD from time as police officer

This article is a very interesting and thought-provoking one about Peter Dutton’s career in the police force and how it has affected his politics. I believe this article really highlights the importance of understanding the trauma that those in the police force are exposed to on a daily basis. It’s easy to forget that these individuals are often put in dangerous and difficult situations that can have a lasting emotional and psychological impact. It’s important to remember that, while Peter Dutton’s career in the police force may have had an influence on his political views, it doesn’t necessarily mean that his views are wrong. We should all be respectful of the experiences and perspectives of those who have served in the police force, and acknowledge the difficult job they do each day.


It’s definitely true that those in the police force are often exposed to very difficult and dangerous situations. It’s important to recognize how this can have a lasting emotional and psychological impact on officers, and it even has implications beyond basic policing. As the article mentions, Peter Dutton’s experience as a police officer undoubtedly shaped his political views in powerful ways. While we should be respectful of those who serve in the police force, it doesn’t necessarily follow that his views are right or wrong. Each person must form their own opinions based on their own unique experiences and perspectives. Ultimately, though, this article certainly drives home the point that understanding mental health issues for those in law enforcement is essential.

I appreciate this article for highlighting the importance and complexity of understanding trauma experienced by those in the police force. It is true that frontline police officers are exposed to dangerous and difficult situations which can have a lasting emotional, psychological, and even physical toll. Respect and recognition of these realities must accompany discussions of their political views, as they shape how people make decisions.

More broadly, it is important to consider what mental health services are available for such individuals following any traumatic event. Ensuring that they have access to resources that can support them in dealing with these traumatic experiences could be pivotal in helping them to continue their work safely as well as adjusting positively to civilian life afterwards.