Discovering my path to understanding addiction and mental health

It’s been a winding road to self-discovery over the past few years. It all began with recognizing my own struggles with understanding addiction and mental health. I have become passionate about learning more, delving deeper and understanding more about this powerful area of our lives.

I realized that educating myself on the topic was essential to being able to help those around me who are struggling with similar issues. On top of that, understanding this subject better will only help to further my own growth and perspective on the world around me.

It’s been an interesting journey so far - from reading articles and books on managing addiction and mental health challenges, to talking with professionals, friends and family about it - every step along the way has played its part in helping me gain a better understanding of things.

Every day continues to be filled with lessons and opportunities for insight as I move forward through this journey of discovery. I’m beyond grateful for all these moments that shape this path of knowledge for me.