Depression on College Campuses conference: Insights and actions (opinion)

The article discusses the rising rates of depression on college campuses, and how to address it.

I found the article on depression on college campuses to be extremely eye opening. It was heartbreaking to read about how many students are dealing with depression, and how often it goes unnoticed and unaddressed. The conference mentioned in the article was a great opportunity to learn what universities are doing to help support students with mental health issues. I’m glad that universities are recognizing the need to provide more resources and support to students with depression, as well as to create an environment of open dialogue and acceptance. However, I think it’s important to remember that tackling mental health issues on college campuses is a two-way street. Along with universities providing more resources and support, it’s also important that students reach out and seek help if they are struggling. It can be difficult to admit to ourselves and to others that we are struggling, but it’s a necessary step in order to get help.