Depression increases risk of cancer, diabetes, others — Health minister

Depression is a serious mental health issue that can have a profound impact on an individual’s life, and it seems like it is having an even bigger impact on our physical health as well. According to Nigeria’s Minister of Health, depression increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses. This is a concerning revelation, as depression is already difficult enough to manage without having to worry about it impacting our physical health.

I think it is important that we continue to raise awareness of the risks of depression. Even though it is a mental health issue, it can have serious physical consequences, and it is important that we take it seriously. We need to be better educated about the symptoms of depression and what we can do to combat it, whether it be through counseling, therapy, or other treatments. We also need to be more proactive in recognizing it in ourselves and in our loved ones, and be willing to seek help when it is needed.