Dealing with trauma and its impact on mental health

Life has been a roller coaster lately and I’ve had to struggle with trauma and its impact on my mental health. It’s been difficult, but I’m determined to find the resources I need to help me manage and overcome my issues.

I’m learning about the different ways trauma can manifest and make it hard for us to make sense of our lives. It’s led me down some dark paths and caused extreme feelings that just overwhelm me sometimes. But talking to a professional has really helped. My therapist helps me work through those emotions so I can start to make progress towards healing.

I’m also working hard at taking better care of myself, focusing on things like exercise, healthy eating, and surrounding myself with positive people who lift me up instead of bringing me down. That part is still tough but small changes over time are helping a lot — even something simple like getting out into nature for an afternoon or taking regular breaks during the day can make a huge difference in how I feel mentally.

It’s ok not to be ok, and it’s also important to seek help from professionals if you need it! Trauma isn’t easy, but with constructive measures we can continue on our journey towards healing and wellbeing.