Dealing with sundown syndrome bipolar - my story

I’m dealing with sundown syndrome bipolar, and it has been an incredibly challenging journey. It’s hard to describe my daily struggles as the unpredictability of this condition makes it hard to cope. I experience extreme mood swings throughout the day - often from mania to depression in a matter of hours - making it difficult for me to connect with people, or manage my everyday tasks.

On top of that, I have also had regular episodes of sundowning which can be particularly draining. These episodes usually start after the sun goes down but can last until morning, leaving me feeling exhausted and disorientated. During these periods I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by anxious and panic-filled thoughts that can sometimes spiral out of control.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to find effective methods of managing these symptoms and flare-ups. Medication is a part of my treatment plan and I’ve also adopted a few lifestyle adaptations such as getting more sleep, making sure to keep regular meal times, limiting alcohol consumption and finding calming hobbies like reading and gardening that help restore much needed balance in my life.

It hasn’t all been easy but I remain hopeful for my future wellbeing knowing that there are treatments available to help me manage this condition successfully.