Dealing with stress during the pandemic

The pandemic has been stressful for everyone, and I’m no exception. Though the usual daily stresses are still there, knowing that we are all living through this unprecedented situation has really heightened my anxiety.

I have had to find ways to stay grounded amidst all the uncertainty and fear. One strategy I have found helpful is carving out time everyday for self-care. Whether it’s taking a walk outside while practicing social distancing or listening to a calming guided meditation, dedicating time to myself has helped me stay calm even when the news is overwhelming.

I’ve also turned to friends and family for comfort and connection more than ever before. Sometimes just talking about our feelings can help put things into perspective. Reaching out to others in times of isolation can be especially therapeutic - even if we can’t meet up in person, spending virtual time with loved ones is an excellent way of easing stress.

I’m learning to stay mindful not only of my physical health but my mental health during these challenging times too. With the help of some coping methods and support system, I hope I can make it through the pandemic with my peace of mind intact!


Hi there,

It sounds like these past few months have been difficult for you, and I empathize with that. The pandemic has definitely brought out a lot of stress and uncertainty that can take a toll on our wellbeing.

We all have our own ways of managing the anxiety, but some things that have worked for me is setting aside time for self-care every day. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour - use this time to look after yourself as much as possible. Any activity can be beneficial - reading soothing literature, doing Yoga, calling up a friend who makes you laugh or venting about your worries in a journal. All these methods can be very helpful when you need an outlet from the heaviness of the situation.

Going forward, don’t forget to make use of your support system. Reach out to those who truly care about you - even if it’s just to chat or message online. We may not be able to meet up in person right now, but forming virtual connections can also restore faith in uncertain times. Take breaks when needed and remember that taking care of yourself is always top priority!

Take all the time you need for yourself - we will get through this together!

Hey, I totally feel you on this. The pandemic has really turned up the stress levels for everyone, and it’s great that you’re finding ways to take care of yourself. I also find that carving out time for self-care is super important - whether it’s a walk outside or a calming meditation, it really does make a difference. And reaching out to friends and family for support is so crucial - even just talking about what we’re going through can be a game-changer. It’s awesome that you’re focusing on your mental health too, not just your physical health. Keep using those coping methods and leaning on your support system - we’ll get through this together!