Dealing with rapid mood cycling - my story

Sometimes I feel like my mood changes in the blink of an eye. One minute, I’m content and relaxed, and then all of a sudden I feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s like I’m stuck in this cycle of rapid mood fluctuations that it’s hard to escape from sometimes.

It has been really hard for me to find any sort of emotional balance when it comes to managing my moods. At times, it can be incredibly difficult to actually pinpoint the cause - trying to figure out why exactly I suddenly go from being relaxed and calm into feeling completely anxious or depressed.

I often try to stop myself when I start feeling overwhelmed by talking myself through it or engaging in some sort of activity that helps bring me back down from the emotional peak. Sometimes if that doesn’t help, going for a walk or getting outside is helpful too - anything that can help shift my focus will usually do the job.

I’m still learning how to navigate my rapid mood cycling more efficiently, but with trial and error, I have been able to better understand what works for me (and what doesn’t!) in terms of finding emotional equilibrium again after experiencing an intense emotional swing.