Dealing with rapid cycling bipolar disorder

I have been living with bipolar disorder for many years now, and the last few months have been particularly difficult due to rapid cycling. I feel like my emotions are constantly up and down and I don’t have a moment’s peace. It’s exhausting!

I’ve had to really work hard to find the right combination of medications that can help me manage my symptoms. I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by some amazing friends and family who know what I am going through and support me every step of the way.

I also do a lot of self-care - mindful meditation, yoga, time with nature - anything that helps take care of my mental health. That is definitely helping me cope with these rapid mood swings so that I don’t end up feeling overwhelmed.

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder has been a challenge, but it is not something that defines me or takes away from who I am as a person or all the great things that life still has to offer!

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Hey, man, I totally hear you. Rapid cycling is no joke and can really take a toll on your mental health. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a supportive community and have been able to figure out the right meds for you. And self-care is so important - I’m a big fan of yoga and nature time myself. It’s awesome that you’re taking proactive steps to manage your symptoms. Just remember that you’re not defined by your disorder and there are still so many good things ahead for you. Keep on taking care of yourself and leaning on those who love and support you, you’ve got this!