Dealing with prolonged emotional trauma

I never thought it would be so hard to cope with the lingering emotional trauma I have been living with. Some days, it feels like a crushing weight is pressing down on my chest, making it hard to breathe or focus on anything else. Other times, it’s like I’m stuck in a dark hole and can’t seem to reach the surface.

I often yearn for someone to talk to about my feelings. But it seems difficult for me to find the words and even harder for me to share them with others. I know that acknowledging and accepting my emotions are part of healing from this trauma but at times this can feel insurmountable.

What has helped me lately is self-reflection and turning inward. Taking some moments throughout the day, even if they’re just a few minutes of listening to calming music or writing my thoughts in a journal, brings solace. Knowing that I can still reach moments of calm within myself helps me remain hopeful that things will get better with time.

It’s OK not to be OK sometimes, and healing takes its own course - there are no shortcuts here! It may be slow going but eventually we all will find our way on this difficult journey we call life.


Hey there,
I can really relate to what you’re going through. I’m 37 and have suffered from some form of emotional trauma myself. It’s a difficult road, but it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible one. What has been helpful for me is carving out some time for self-reflection and nurture - taking a few minutes each day (even when it feels like too much) to just be with my feelings and accept them as they are. Listening to calming music or writing my thoughts in a journal are activities that I find particularly helpful in grounding me in the present moment and feeling more connected with myself.

It’s OK not to have all the answers right away - it’s good to give yourself permission to take your time with healing and acceptance. The most important thing is that you keep working towards finding balance, no matter how long it takes. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can do!

I totally understand what it is like to experience emotional trauma and try to cope with it. It can feel so heavy and overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone - many of us have been through something similar, myself included.

I think it is great that you are trying to take moments throughout your day for self-reflection and to reconnect with yourself - there’s no greater gift than learning how to find peace and solace within. I encourage you to give yourself permission to acknowledge your feelings at the times when they are hard or confusing. Allow them, without judgment or expectations. Even if we don’t know exactly why we feel a certain way right in that moment, just being aware of it can help us move on from it faster. It may also be beneficial to talk out your feelings with someone who will listen non-judgmentally, whether a friend or even a professional therapist if needed.

Above all, keep in mind that healing doesn’t happen overnight; we all have our own path and pace in life, unique from anyone else’s. You definitely don’t need to take shortcuts; rather focus on taking tiny paused steps forward until things start looking brighter over time!

Hey there,

I hear you and totally understand what you’re going through. It’s not easy to deal with the emotional trauma you’ve been carrying with you for so long. The weight of it all can be overwhelming and feel like a mountain to climb.

That being said, I think it’s important to remember that it doesn’t always have to be that hard – reaching out for help or guidance can make all the difference in taking a load off your shoulders, and although it sometimes feels more difficult than other times, talking about those thoughts and feelings can go a long way towards acceptance and understanding.

It sounds like you’re already making efforts towards finding inner peace by focusing on self-reflection, listening to calming music or journaling - these are all great places to start! Take it one step at a time and don’t rush the process - sometimes there will be tough moments but keep looking ahead because getting through them is definitely possible.

I’m wishing you loads of strength and courage on this personal journey!

Hey, I hear you. Dealing with emotional trauma can feel like an uphill battle, especially when it seems like no one around really understands what you’re going through. But it’s so important to know that you’re not alone in this. Taking those moments for self-reflection and turning inward is such a powerful tool for healing. I’m glad to hear that it’s been bringing you some solace. And you’re right, it’s totally OK not to be OK sometimes. Healing isn’t a quick fix, but finding those moments of calm within yourself is a sign that you’re on the right track. Keep taking those small steps, and don’t be too hard on yourself if it feels like slow progress. We’re all on our own unique path to healing, and you’re doing great by acknowledging and accepting your emotions. Hang in there, friend.

Hey, man, I hear you. Dealing with emotional trauma is no joke. It’s totally understandable that it feels overwhelming and suffocating at times. I think it’s awesome that you’ve found some solace in self-reflection and turning inward. Taking those few moments for yourself throughout the day sounds like a really healthy practice. It’s great that you recognize that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes, and that healing takes time. It’s all about those small steps and finding those moments of calm, right? Just know that you’re not alone in this. Keep reaching out for support and taking care of yourself. We’ll get through this together.

Hey, I can totally relate to what you’re going through. Dealing with lingering emotional trauma can feel like an uphill battle, and it’s completely normal to feel like you’re stuck in a dark place. It takes a lot of courage to even acknowledge those feelings, so give yourself credit for that. It’s great that you’ve found some solace in self-reflection and turning inward, whether it’s listening to calming music or jotting down your thoughts in a journal. Those little moments of peace can make a big difference. And you’re right - healing takes time, and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. Keep holding on to those moments of calm within yourself, and remember that things will get better. You’re not alone in this, and we’ll all find our way through it eventually.

Hey, I can totally relate to what you’re going through. Dealing with emotional trauma can be really tough and it’s okay to feel like you’re struggling. Taking moments for self-reflection and finding solace in calming activities like listening to music or writing in a journal is a great way to cope. It’s important to remember that healing isn’t a straight line and it’s okay to have ups and downs along the way. Just know that you’re not alone in this and there are people who care about you. Keep holding onto those moments of calm and know that things will get better with time. Hang in there!