Dealing with procrastination and mental health

Procrastination and mental health are two things I know too well. It took me years to understand why I put off doing certain things until the last minute, and faced countless days feeling so overwhelmed with negative thoughts that I didn’t want to do anything. It’s an exhausting cycle that never seems to end.

In order to break free from this cycle of procrastination, I’m focusing on taking small steps instead of huge leaps. I’m learning to be kinder and more understanding of myself instead of beating myself up for not being productive enough. I’m making sure to prioritize rest, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day, so that my mental health is better supported. I’m also trying to build on my goals gradually rather than having rigid goasl that may seem impossible in the end. By caring for myself through these small steps, the urge to procrastinate lessens and any overwhelming feelings can be addressed before they spiral out of control.

It’s been a long road dealing with both procrastination and mental health issues but every day there are new victories that make all the hard work worth it!