Dealing with postmatic stress my story

I’ve been dealing with postmatic stress for a while now and have tried to ignore it, but lately it’s been getting worse. It’s hard to escape the feeling of anxiety and worry that seems to build up inside me throughout the day. It feels like anything can trigger it and I never know what is going to set me off.

I’m trying my best to practice healthy coping mechanisms like meditating, taking walks, journaling, and doing yoga but nothing seems to help. Every morning I wake up with knots in my stomach thinking about all the things that could go wrong throughout the day.

I’m not sure where else to turn so I’m starting therapy this month. Even talking about my issues makes me anxious, but I’m determined to find peace in being a postmatic stress sufferer. Working through my anxieties has become an everyday task that will require dedication and strength from me for months even years down the road. Knowing that there is light at the end of this tunnel makes it a bit easier mentally, and having support from close friends and family is invaluable during this journey.