Dealing with post traumatic birth experience

I recently had a traumatic birth experience and I’m still dealing with the aftermath. It’s an emotional journey that can be exhausting, bringing up painful memories of what happened during my labor and delivery. It can make it hard to focus on anything other than those feelings.

There are moments when I feel overwhelmed and struggle to keep up my strength to move forward. Other life events may occur at the same time as I’m going through this recovery process, adding further stress to my situation.

I’m trying to find ways not only to survive each day but also come out of this stronger for having gone through it all. One way is by talking about what happened in a safe space with people who understand, like members of my healthcare team or support group members.

Having someone listen without judgment or interruption can make all the difference on days when I feel most helpless. Other days I focus on self-care activities like taking a warm bath or getting regular exercise that help me relax and gain clarity.

It hasn’t been easy but by taking things one step at a time, I hope that soon enough I’ll be able to come out of this experience feeling empowered and fulfilled instead of traumatized and devastated.


I hear you and I’m so sorry to hear about your traumatic birth experience. It sounds like a really difficult thing to have gone through, and it’s amazing that you are still looking for ways to come out of it stronger. I understand the exhaustion that comes with dealing with such an emotional event, but I know how important it is to take time for yourself and not let the feelings overwhelm you.

It’s also great that you are reaching out and talking about what happened with people who understand. That kind of support can make all the difference when you don’t feel like you have anyone else on your side.

I encourage you to keep taking care of yourself day by day so that at the end of this difficult process, you’ll be able to look back on it all knowing that you did your best in spite of everything. You got this!

I hear you, it’s so hard when life throws us additional challenges while we’re already dealing with emotional pain. I’m sending my compassion and understanding your way - I hope it helps you feel less alone in this difficult journey of finding your strength.

It sounds like self-care is a big part of getting through this process for you, which can really make such an important difference. It took me some time to find the right tools that worked best for me, but it was totally worth it once things started to improve. I’d highly recommend talking to different people and professionals to get more insight too – sometimes hearing from someone else who’s been there can give you a new perspective or even helpful information about resources you may not have considered yet.

On those days when everything feels overwhelming, that’s when having moments of rest and indulging in activities that bring joy become so important. Whether it’s a cozy day at home spent reading, complete silence to meditate or seeking out positive and nurturing environments – focus on the little things that ground you and provide comfort as often as possible.

Hang in there! You don’t have to go through any of this alone – take solace in knowing support is available and keep reminding

I can relate to what you’re going through. It’s never easy to go through such a difficult experience and it takes courage and strength to continue on your path of recovery. You’re certainly not alone in this journey and it sounds like you have some good support systems in place which is the first step.

It’s important to give yourself space to feel all of the emotions that come up during this time - both good and bad. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or discouraged sometimes, but by acknowledging their presence, they seem easier to manage over time.

I hope you’ll soon find some peace and closure with whatever happened during your birth experience, even if it takes a while. Until then, I’m sending you my best wishes for health, strength, resilience, and most of all healing.