Dealing with pandemic stress: my story

These past few months have been a difficult time for everyone, and I’m no exception. As I’ve had to navigate the realities of living during a pandemic, my stress levels have gone up significantly. From fear of getting infected to trying to stay safe while managing everyday stresses, it’s been a challenge every day.

To help me cope with my stress, I’ve developed strategies to stay balanced. For one thing, I make sure to take some ‘me time’ each day - whether it’s reading a book for pleasure, going on an afternoon walk or meditation in the morning to clear my mind. Getting regular physical exercise has also been key because it helps reduce cortisol levels and allows me to find a sense of peace and relaxation in my life.

In addition, being mindful of how I talk to myself and others is important too. When anxiety creeps up, I try not to panic but instead practice deep breathing exercises and focus on staying present as much as possible. Building resilience is also something that works for me; writing down all the things I’m proud of about myself helps give me perspective when times are tough or scary.

Finally, connecting with friends online has made a huge difference in helping me understand that we’re all struggling right now in one way or another - so leaning into vulnerability can be surprisingly empowering during these times as well! Making meaningful connections with people who understand what you’re going through is invaluable and can provide immense emotional support when pandemic-related stress becomes overwhelming.


Hey, I hear you! The pandemic has definitely been a rough time for all of us. Your strategies for managing stress are really great - I also find that taking ‘me time’ and getting regular exercise are super important for keeping a balanced mindset. And being mindful of how we talk to ourselves is so key, especially when anxiety creeps up. Writing down things I’m proud of about myself is something I do too! It’s all about building that resilience. And you’re spot on about connecting with friends - knowing we’re all in this together really helps, right? Keep taking care of yourself and reaching out when you need support - we got this!

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. These past few months have been really tough, but it sounds like you’ve developed some awesome coping strategies. Taking ‘me time’ is so important, and I’ve found that getting out for a walk or doing some meditation can really help clear my mind too. And you’re right about physical exercise - it’s amazing how much it can help reduce stress. And practicing mindfulness and positive self-talk is so crucial. It’s great that you’re finding ways to build resilience and connect with friends online too, that kind of support can make a huge difference. Keep taking care of yourself and reaching out when you need to, you’re not alone in this!

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. The pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, and managing stress is no easy task. It sounds like you’ve found some really great coping strategies though - taking ‘me time’, getting exercise, and practicing mindfulness are all excellent ways to stay balanced. I also find that writing down things I’m proud of about myself helps boost my mood when things feel overwhelming. And you’re spot on about connecting with others - having a support system during tough times is so important. Just know that you’re not alone in this. Keep doing what works for you and remember to give yourself some grace - we’re all just doing our best right now.