Dealing with pandemic stress my story

The pandemic has been hugely stressful for me and many people around me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the added uncertainty, the fear of the virus, or a combination of the two - but either way, I feel like it’s impacting my whole life.

At first, trying to keep up with all the changing guidelines felt overwhelming. But then I learned to take things a day at a time - to stay in my own lane and focus on what was important to me. It’s really helped me manage my stress levels better these past months.

I’ve also been using online tools, such as meditation apps and other resources from mental health professionals. It helps keep my anxiety levels down and reminds me that I don’t have to be alone in this situation. In addition, video chats with family and friends have become an invaluable resource for self-care - it’s amazing how much we can get out of just talking through our worries together.

Overall, I think finding ways to cope is very important when it comes to dealing with pandemic stress. Taking a thought-out approach that incorporates support from friends and family has made a world of difference for me - allowing me over time to start feeling more comfortable with this new normal that we’re all living through right now