Dealing with pandemic-related ptsd: my story

I have been dealing with pandemic-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since the onset of the pandemic. It has been incredibly challenging - this strange period of life has meant that I no longer live the life I once did, and that at times I have felt stuck, isolated, and alone.

When I first began to experience signs of PTSD, my symptoms came in waves. Initially they were more macro - sadness, fear, loneliness - but gradually these feelings began to manifest into physical problems as well: headaches, stomach pains, insomnia. It was not only hard for me to understand what was happening in my body as a result of this illness, but it was also difficult for me to ask for help when I felt so vulnerable.

I decided to start taking steps towards healing by talking to someone who could provide me with guidance about what was going on. Speaking through my experiences out loud allowed me to come to terms with how I was feeling and begin processing them in a healthy way. As I opened up more at each session, things gradually started to change for the better both mentally and physically.

While there are still days where it is hard – very hard – having engaged in this process of therapy has allowed me to build up strength and resilience during this time that is so uncharted for all of us. Having made these small changes within myself has enabled me find pleasure in moments that only one year ago would have seemed impossible – moments where I feel connected rather than alone; safe rather than scared; and productive instead of stagnant.