Dealing with ocd - my story and self help

My journey with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has been long and fraught, full of dark days struggling against intrusive thoughts and worries that threaten to consume me. Like many of you, I managed to keep it hidden away for years before finally reaching out for help. My family and friends were incredibly supportive when I revealed my diagnosis but even though I was surrounded by love, the condition still proved difficult to manage at times.

I’m proud to say that since receiving professional treatment, I’ve made huge progress in understanding the cause and triggers of my OCD. I’ve learnt to recognize when my worries become overwhelming and to take steps to remind myself that they don’t define me. The key to managing urges has been building stronger tools for coping with anxiety, such as relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises when symptoms flare-up.

I also practice cognitive restructuring which helps shift negative thoughts into positive ones and reclaim ownership over them instead of letting fear control me. The main thing I have come to realize is that despite this disorder taking over my life at times, if I stay persistent there is a way through it; even on the darkest of days there is hope.

If you are also suffering from OCD please reach out for help - there are many treatment options available. Don’t be afraid or ashamed - you can learn ways of managing your thoughts and reclaiming your happiness!