Dealing with obsessive thoughts

Lately, my life has been filled with obsessive thoughts that I can’t seem to shake. Whether waiting in line at the supermarket or trying to relax on the sofa, my mind is constantly coming up with ideas and worries that I can’t control. It’s tiring, frustrating, and it often leaves me feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve recently been learning about ways to cope with it and I’ve found them really helpful. A lot of people find mindfulness techniques - slowing down my breathing and focusing on the present moment - a useful way to take a break from ruminating thoughts. Writing down various things that come into my head has also helped me sort out my tangled thinking - this way I can identify unhelpful patterns before they become overwhelming.

Surrounding myself with people who make me feel safe and loved has also proved really beneficial in managing these obsessiveness cycles. Knowing where to draw healthy boundaries in relationships is key here, as well as finding activities that bring joy rather than stress into my life.

Dealing with obsessive thoughts isn’t easy but by understanding them better and putting some strategies into place, we can all learn how to face our demons one step at a time.


Hey there,
I totally hear you when it comes to managing obsessive thoughts. I’m 18 years old, and I understand how overwhelming it can feel when your mind is constantly swirling with ideas and worries. It can be really draining!

The good news is that it is possible to manage these obsessive thought patterns. One thing that has helped me many times is carving out space in my day for relaxation or self-care - something as simple as reading a book or exercising can help clear my head and make me feel better prepared to face any worries I have. Talking with friends and family has also been so important for me in understanding my thoughts better and getting a different perspective on whatever problem I’m facing.

Finally, journaling has been one of the most effective techniques for me to calm down after an obsessive thought cycle. Writing down everything that pops into my mind allows me to actually look at my worrying objectively instead of allowing it to overwhelm me. From there, I’m usually equipped with more clarity on the best way forward for myself.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk more about managing obsessive thoughts - we’re all in this together and it’s not something we should struggle with alone!

Hi there! It sounds like your struggle with obsessive thoughts is weighing heavily on you right now, and I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately it is something that so many of us experience in one form or another - I know I have had my own battles in the past.

I know how discouraging and tiring these cycles can be, but it really can help to remember that you are not alone. There are lots of techniques and strategies available for managing intrusive thoughts, and with some effort, you can learn to become more aware of them as they arise. Mindfulness has been very effective for me when it comes to managing anxieties. The idea is that you try to observe any passing thought without reacting or attaching too much significance to it - basically just acknowledging its presence before letting it pass on again.

It’s also great that you’re taking steps to nurture yourself and recognise what makes you feel good. That way, if at any point your thoughts become overwhelming, you know exactly where to look for comfort. Remember that healing takes time, so there’s no need to expect perfect recovery overnight; every step forward - even a small one - should be celebrated!

Hang in there!