Dealing with obsessive organizing disorder: my story

I’ve been struggling with an obsessive organizing disorder for as long as I can remember. Everything has to have a place and be in that place all the time, or else my day just feels off. I constantly feel like I’m running behind trying to get everything perfectly organized and in its rightful spot, which leads to a lot of stressed out days.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that this behavior was actually an obsessive disorder and not simply being overly organized. It’s been a tough road learning how to manage it, especially since it seems so deeply ingrained in my life.

One of the first things I had to do was establish realistic goals; it doesn’t always have to be perfect, but at least tidy enough so that others don’t notice the disorganization. This helps me manage my stress levels since it takes away some of the pressure from myself and makes organizing more enjoyable.

Another thing I had to learn was how to see past organization as a form of control; recognizing that having everything properly organized isn’t going to free me from any anxieties or unhappiness. Only by caring for my own mental health can I truly make progress in getting better control over my OCD tendencies. It also helps me stay focused on the things that really matter - family, friends, etc - instead of falling into obsessive patterns around organizing again.

My biggest advice for those who may suffer from similar issues is this: take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed! Even if your space might not be perfectly put together, going outside or just doing something fun will make you feel so much better! Remind yourself that other things are important too; try meditating or doing some yoga when feeling anxious about your organizing obsessions come up again. Seeking professional help if needed is also important – sometimes having someone else hold us accountable for our actions works far better than attempting on our own!


Hi there,

I can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to get everything perfectly organized. I had these same feelings when I was younger, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized my own issues with obsessive organizing could be classified as an obsessive disorder.

The best thing I’ve done for myself is to create realistic goals - as long as things are tidy enough where others don’t immediately notice the disorganization, then that’s good enough. It takes away some of the pressure and helps me manage stress levels. I also have to keep reminding myself that organization won’t give me control over my anxieties or unhappiness; mental health is ultimately what should be taken care of first and foremost.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking a break from organizing and doing something else fun instead. Alternatively, you can also try meditating or doing yoga if your organizing obsessions are proving hard to ignore! Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if needed too - often times external accountability is way better than trying on our own!

I hope this helps a bit!

Hi there,

I am so sorry that you have been struggling with this kind of obsessive disorder for as long as you can remember. It sounds like a really hard situation to be in, and I can only imagine how draining it can be. I’m glad you have finally realized that this behaviour is more than just being overly organized. That’s definitely the first step to getting better control over OCD tendencies!

It sounds like it’s really important for you to establish realistic goals - keeping things tidy enough for others not to notice is a great way to reduce the pressure and make organizing more enjoyable. I think it’s also really important that you take care of your mental health - try taking breaks when you feel overwhelmed and remind yourself that other things are equally important too. Meditation and yoga can also be very helpful tools for managing anxiety and stress around trying to control situations.

Finally, don’t forget professional help if needed - sometimes having someone else hold us accountable works far better than relying on ourselves alone. It doesn’t have to be all in your hands - there are people out there who understand and want to help find good solutions for every individual situation.

Sending lots of love and support your way! xx