Dealing with mental trauma: my story

I’ve been through a lot of tough times in my life. I always thought that I was pretty strong and always had the resiliency to find a way out of them. But recently, I found myself dealing with something that seemed beyond my control - mental trauma.

For so long, I had kept all the pain and anguish inside me, not realizing that it would take its toll on my mental health over time. When it eventually hit me, it came like a strong wave crashing against the shore. It made me feel helpless because I didn’t know how to fix myself or cope with feeling so lost.

At first, it felt like nothing could take away my sadness and fear but one day, I started to understand why this happened to me in the first place and how I can move on from it with help.

I eventually found solace in talking about what happened to me in therapy and opened up to friends and family about what was going on inside my head. Their love and support gave me strength when things were unbearable for me. Moreover, learning relaxation techniques also help me unpack my emotions step-by-step until I gained acceptance of them as part of my story.

It’s been a journey; trying to make peace with myself sometimes feels impossible but each time after an episode subsides, it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come in healing. There are still bad days but overall, understanding why certain events occurred has allowed me to live more present in today’s moment and look forward toward a brighter tomorrow instead of ruminating on thoughts from the past.