Dealing with mental stress: my story

Dealing with mental stress has been a persistent challenge in my life. I’ve often felt overwhelmed, high-strung, and weighed down by the world around me. Nothing ever seemed to be enough; it was like trying to juggle too many balls at once. I knew if I didn’t take control of my mental health soon, things would only get worse.

So, I made the decision to focus on myself and my wellbeing — both physically and mentally — which has proven to be an incredibly powerful and transformative experience for me. I began by looking inward and identifying what it is exactly that adds stress into my life. From there, I worked on ways I could reduce or eliminate this stress from important relationships in my life, my daily lifestyle habits, and even how much time I was spending scrolling through social media.

I also started making time for activities that brought me joy — like journaling, meditating, walking in nature or going for a bike ride. This made all the difference! Not only were these moments calming for me but they also provided a needed break from ultra-stimulated ‘real world’ life.

All in all, taking proactive action to deal with mental stress has helped me find peace of mind and clarity during tough times. Perhaps it can do something similar for you too!


Hey, thanks for sharing your story - it’s not easy to open up and let people in. I understand the feeling of trying to juggle too many balls at once and feeling overwhelmed by the world around us. You’ve made a brave and wise decision to focus on yourself and your wellbeing, both physically and mentally. It takes great courage to address our mental health issues, but it can truly be a lifesaving experience.

I think it’s great that you’ve identified the sources of stress in your life and taken steps to reduce or eliminate them from important relationships, lifestyle habits, etc. Making time for activities that bring joy is also a wonderful way to help cope with mental stress - these moments should be cherished as they provide needed respite from our daily lives!

It sounds like taking proactive action has already made a positive difference in your life and hopefully it will do something similar for others as well. Thank you for giving those of us struggling with mental health an inspiring roadmap forward!

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Mental stress is something I have also dealt with in my life, especially now that I’m a 52 year old man. It can be hard to juggle all of the different aspects that come up and feel like there’s never enough done or it’d never be enough.

That being said, I think it’s really admirable what you’ve done by taking proactive action and focusing on your wellbeing. Making time for activities that bring joy is one of the best things we can do and it’s something that has unfortunately slipped through the cracks for me at times. It’s definitely an important step towards bettering our mental health.

As you continue this journey, I just want to wish you the best of luck as well as remind you to take care of yourself every step of the way!