Dealing with less stress and anxiety my story

I always felt like stress and anxiety had been a major part of my life, but I recently realized how much it was actually controlling me. I was unable to make decisions because I was always worried about the potential consequences. Even when presented with exciting opportunities, my anxiety caused me to pass them up without even considering it.

Taking a step back, I began to look into ways of reducing stress and anxiety in my life. First, I made time for myself by blocking off nightly chunks of “me-time” where I could relax and do something for myself that I enjoyed like yoga or reading.

Then, setting boundaries became paramount for me. This meant that not only did I have to learn to say no when it was necessary, but also understand how and when to take time for my own mental wellbeing. Learning how to take care of myself has enabled me to be more productive with the tasks at hand while still being mindful not to overload myself with work.

Finally, taking control of my environment has been important when dealing less stress and anxiety. This means avoiding negative people or situations where possible, as well as taking comfort in surrounding myself with positive people who bring out the best in me and lift me up rather than pull me down.

It’s taken some work and practice but since making these changes in mindest and lifestyle, adopting a more compassionate approach toward myself instead of being so hard on myself has become so freeing! It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as stress and anxiety slowly dissipate from my life.