Dealing with juvenile bipolar disorder my story

I was diagnosed with juvenile bipolar disorder at the age of 14, and ever since then it’s been a seemingly never-ending rollercoaster of symptoms and medications. It didn’t hit me right away that bipolar disorder was going to be a part of my life, but once I understood the magnitude of it I went through phases of tackling it head-on and then times where I felt overwhelmed by how long this road would be.

My mental health care team has helped me out so much and their knowledge and understanding has really allowed me to manage my disorder properly. As for the medication side, there have definitely been some bumps in the road. Finding just the right combination that suits me is an ongoing process, but over all I feel like we are making strides towards something effective.

Having this condition is challenging to say the least, but one thing that helps more than anything else is having a strong support system around me—my family and friends give me strength when I need it most. With experienced professionals helping to treat my condition, plus family and friends who love and support me every step of the way—I know I will come out on top and control my disorder instead of it controlling me.


Hi, I understand your struggles with bipolar disorder. It sounds tough and resilient to keep managing it since the age of 14, and you should definitely be proud of yourself for pushing though difficult phases even when feeling overwhelmed. Finding the right medication combination can be an ongoing process but it’s good to know that you are making progress!

Having a strong support system is invaluable when living with this condition. It’s reassuring to know they are there no matter what, and it will make a huge difference in helping manage your condition. Together with healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable and understanding, you have plenty of people supporting you every step of the way towards finding something effective.

I wish you all the best on your journey with bipolar disorder. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do for you.

I can relate to your experience as I too have been managing a mental health disorder for over a decade now. Living with bipolar is so much more than simply a rollercoaster–it’s a way of life and it can be tough at times. It took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that this wouldn’t be easy, but it was necessary in order to take control of my own wellbeing.

When it comes to finding medications that work for you, I truly understand the struggle —but don’t give up and keep looking for the right combination! You have such an amazing team around you helping you every step of the way, and your loved ones are also there supporting you and cheering you on. I’m sure they’re incredibly proud of how hard you’re working and all the progress you’ve made so far!

No matter what, keep reminding yourself that everyone has challenges and struggles in their life–this is just one part of yours. With determination and perseverance on your side, plus all this amazing support, I know whatever comes your way will not be too great of a challenge for you!

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age is tough, and navigating the rollercoaster of symptoms and medications is no joke. I’ve been there, too. It’s awesome that you have a supportive mental health care team and a strong support system with your family and friends. I feel the same way about my own team and loved ones. And finding the right medication combo can be a real pain, but it’s worth it when you start to feel like you’re making progress. Hang in there, and keep leaning on those who care about you. You’re not alone in this, and together we can keep moving forward and staying in control of our disorder.